Our assessment package has three components.  First, we listen to you tell us about your child.  Then, we assess your child's reading behaviors.  Finally, we guide you in developing next steps for your child's reading development based on the assessment data.  We do all of this in the comfort of your home or another location of your choice.

We Listen

Our process begins with an initial parent consultation either over the phone or in person during which we will discuss our assessment procedures and ask questions to learn what makes your child unique, including his or her:

  • strengths and challenges

  • interests and hobbies

  • current reading routines

  • reading history

This will help us prepare for our assessments and provide background information that will inform our recommendations.

We Assess

We will meet with your child to observe his or her reading behaviors through a variety of research-based assessment tools that provide insight into all components of reading.  The assessment tasks will depend on your child's age and reading level and may include:

  • letter identification

  • rhyming and listening tasks

  • vowel sound sorting

  • sight word identification

  • passage reading

  • spelling 

  • story writing

Through these assessments, we will gain valuable information and make a positive connection with your child.

We Guide

Following our assessments, we will meet with you to discuss the results and next steps.  We will pinpoint your child's strengths and share recommendations of specific research-based strategies and activities that will boost his or her reading development.  You will receive a report detailing this information in addition to copies of all assessment tasks.  Our goal is to equip you to build your child's skills through a series of learning activities that target his or her needs.  

*We do not diagnose reading or learning disabilities.  Instead, we learn about your child to determine what he or she needs to become a better reader.



Tutoring services from a certified Reading Specialist are also available.  We use data from our assessments to create a plan tailored to your child's strengths, needs, and interests.  This plan will include instruction in phonics/spelling, phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.  We tutor in the comfort of your home or a location of your choice. 


Reading evaluations are important for every reader, whether your child is reading on grade level, excelling, or needs extra support. Here are some specific ways that we can help you and your child:


Is reading time a battle with your child each day? Are you unsure how to make reading an enjoyable experience in your home? Our Reading Specialists will provide you with a treasure trove of fun strategies and activities that are just right for your child.

Do you homeschool your children? Do you wonder if they are on track with their reading development? A certified Reading Specialist will determine your child’s reading level and then customize a reading plan based on his or her specific needs.  

Do you want to give your child extra opportunities to boost his or her reading skills after school and over the summer? Our Reading Specialists will provide you with strategies and activities to keep your child reading all summer long.

Does your child struggle with reading in some way?  This includes children who have difficulty learning letters, remembering sight words, spelling and/or writing, decoding unknown words, reading smoothly, or understanding what they have read. Our Reading Specialists will pinpoint your child’s strengths and needs and share research-based strategies and activities that will help him or her make progress.

Is your child in his or her last year of preschool? Are you wondering how to set him or her up for an amazing Kindergarten year full of reading progress? An evaluation with a certified Reading Specialist will give you the information you need to set him or her up for success.



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